Pärlemor Story

Pärlemor was created out of a combination of influences. Growing up, Yasmine enjoyed wearing clothes passed down from her mother, and has therefore been inspired by vintage pieces, particularly from the 90s, from an early age. Merging this with today’s modern trends, the clothing aims to combine an aspect of timeless elegance with the current fast paced, comfortable lifestyle, creating a line of understated luxury items.

All of the pearls on the garments are real and hand picked specifically, which means that each peace is a one-of a-kind item. This goes with the brand’s ethos of creating unique clothing that makes you feel special and stand out from the crowd.

Pärlemor is all about looking good with little effort, being elegant, sexy and comfortable simultaneously! That is why the bodysuits are stretchy and flexible to fit your shape. They are easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and perfect to wow on a night out.

Drawing upon her Swedish heritage, Yasmine named the brand Pärlemor, meaning Mother-of-Pearl. Having spent a lot of time there over the years, it has been a source of inspiration for the brand. Yasmine was born and raised in London and went to University in New York, to study art and design. These cities have had a big impact on her creativity and have contributed to the enthusiasm and building blocks for actualizing Pärlemor.


Pärlemor is a slow fashion brand. It has been important for the brand to be eco-conscious and ethical from start to finish. From making the designs, to bringing them to life, we aim to be as sustainable as possible. Working closely with seamstresses based in the UK means that, not only is the designer limiting carbon footprint, she is also paying high attention to detail and precision. Every piece is made with love, by hand, using little to no waste! The designer has been involved in some of the actual making process of these designs, as she made the original prototypes herself and put the final touches onto the bodysuits.